Yamaha MOXF8
Yamaha MOXF8

MOXF8, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOXF series.

Seudop38 05/18/2014

Yamaha MOXF8 : Seudop38's user review

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Readability of the names of connectors is insufficient if it is at the keyboard like everyone else. Labels are attached to fill this lack of pragmatism.
Tip: add a midi merge to connect multiple midi controllers because there is an entry.

NO DIGITAL OUTPUT is blur characteristics. Voluntary?


Parameterization has the old, tedious.
Compulsory manual, less good and less clear than my ex90 Roland and dating ...


Some very good sounds.
Good expressiveness, pretty realistic.
Classical guitars are very challenging, but I expected more quality pianos. There is only one that stands out. Many sounds filling.
The keyboard has more travel than my ex90, and this is better.


I use it for 4 months.
The use of midday internal sequencer is tedious. Plug one tablet on the inputs and outputs afternoon and everything seems easier. Forget Pc, too slow to start for improvisation and capture ideas on the fly.
Black spot, food is causing interference on the speakers.
Unbearable. If you have a solution, I'm interested. There is no interference suppression on the cable. There is one on the Beatstep Arturia 99 €!

Yamaha memory card is more than € 300 gigabyte dishonesty is pure. Buy a tablet instead, to manage the afternoon.

Good overall, considering the lack of innovation in the competition. But it hurts the heart, when we know the age of reason ...
A used XF8 will be a much better deal.