Yamaha MOXF8
Yamaha MOXF8

MOXF8, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOXF series.

musiclol 05/29/2014

Yamaha MOXF8 : musiclol's user review

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I said that I have several other keyboards (piano, digital piano, synths, workstations ...) and a stuffed Mac plugs and other sound banks ...

I am a professional musician.

I bought this moxf8 for what he can do .... nothing more and nothing less ...

I had a MOTIF XS6 I changed to a kronos 61 who completed stage my CP5 (which over time seems more and heavier!).
Certain functions and sounds I missed a bit, and although pleased with the CP5 for concerts where I have a real role as a pianist, I wanted a light 88 notes, that sounds good, and easy to carry for rpeter and gigs or rather I have a role of "keyboardist".

I am delighted by this moxf8 (with 1GB flash) in which I added the piano banks cp1 and inspiration in a flash. It is ultra portable, versatile, touch piano is correct (no more, but easier to play than the nord stage example, in my opinion).
Function integrated USB soundcard makes me immense services traveling or on stage with a laptop.

I repeat, it is nowhere near my CP5 in terms of touch and finesse of piano sound, not as powerful as the real reason xf, but it does the job and does great!

Watch videos of Jamal (neo soul) on YouTube and you'll have a good idea of ​​what it is (even outside the gospel :-)


Use: as described above


Sounds: as stated above. Very good, versatile, etc. ... The organs are worse than the rest, and in general, this is not a synthesis machine that kills etc ... This is a big toolbox. Rhodes, keyboards, strings, brass (inspiration in a flash) are more than correct, barely worse than on a north or kontakt ...
The cp1 piano and S6 are not bad at all


I use it for 5 months

For my use, it lacks a pair of separate outputs (to send a loop drummer or bass to hand out when I play the bass left hand)
And optionally:
A second flash ram slot because my Giga will soon open ...
A dedicated USB MIDI in port (for connecting a controller or keyboard 2 self powered)

And to my great regret, most newer keyboards have renounced aftertouch and especially BREATH CONTROL!!
What a pity!!

But hey ... we eventually get the real reason .. XF and therefore closer to its price and weight!

Value / price / weight at the top and unequaled to this day I do it again this choice without hesitation!