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Addictive Drums 2 is available

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As announced, XLN Audio released today version 2 of its Addictive Drums virtual drums.

Addictive Drums 2 adds a lot of new features, here’s the list:

  • New Transient Shaper that can be applied to each element or the entire mix
  • New Tone Designer to dampen the sound
  • 2 Delerb processors that combine reverb and delay, with Swirl feature and advanced EQ
  • 6 additional slots for a total or 18 kit pieces
  • New FlexiSlots that allow for loading additional pieces
  • Kitpiece Linking feature to link the elements and fatten the sound
  • “Trigger” Kitpieces (sinus waves, white noise, one shot samples…) that can be linked to acoustic elements, for sound design purposes
  • New Response section for performance tweaking
  • 2 multi-effect inserts per channel
  • New 4-band EQ with addition high-cut and low-cut filters
  • Beat Transformer to change an existing beat
  • Grid Search system to quickly find a groove
  • Record MIDI directly from the host to AD 2
  • Improved beat browser
  • Drag and drop audio filters from AD 2 to the host timeline or the desktop
  • New Sound Ideal search system with preset filtering
  • Snapshots for A/B comparison
  • SynCloud feature for preset sync
  • New presets and ExploreMaps, all the presets now include a MIDI preview
  • Preview all the ADpaks and MIDIpaks in AD 2
  • Standalone version available with a new Tempo control

The Addictive Drums 2 plug-in version is available in VST, AU and AAX 32 and 64-bit formats for Mac OS X and Windows.

Owners of version 1 can purchase an upgrade for 79.95€ or 99.95€ if they add an ADPak of their choice. The second option also gives you a 25% discount code for use on the XLN Audio online store during the next Summer Madness offer (an e-mail will be sent to you at that time). And don’t forget to upgrade your expansion packs.

New clients can choose between three bundles:

  • Artist Bundle : AD 2 + 2 ADpaks + 2 MIDIpaks and 2 Kitpiece Paks of their choice
  • Producer Bundle: AD 2 + 3 ADpaks + 3 MIDIpaks and 3 Kitpiece Paks of their choice
  • XXL Studio Bundle: AD 2 + 6 ADpaks + 6 MIDIpaks and 6 Kitpiece Paks of their choice

Visit www.xlnaudio.com for full details and pricing.


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