Nameofsound 1x12

1x12, 1x12 Guitar Cabinet from Nameofsound.

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Countdown 07/16/2012

Nameofsound 1x12 : Countdown's user review

«  Quality ... the sound! »

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Value For Money : Poor
Purchased new (in V30), I kept it just under 2 years!
I traded last summer against an 2x12 of the brand!

The finish is impeccable. Mine was orange with black corners ... very nice effect. With the grill cloth "salt n 'peeper" ... Terrible! You can see a picture in "Media" elsewhere. It is thick, deep (almost 40cm), and HP is tilted upwards ... of course! The HP output is a bit deep (2 cm).
The wheels are original, and removable!

The sound is good. The bass response for a 1x12 is still much better than other 1x12 I've played (Marshall 1912, Blackheart BH112).
Highs were quite sharp, without being garish very well balanced ... what!

Well, after this is a 1x12! When we tasted the 2x12 and 4x12, it sounds really small. Say it's a very good speaker for home or for transplanting.

The only complaint I have is at the price! It is not present! The quality is there, certainly, but for me it's a bit expensive for what it is! But it must be worth its price, since it is the "hand made in France" by competent people and really listening to the customer ...