Nameofsound 1x12

1x12, 1x12 Guitar Cabinet from Nameofsound.

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Countdown 01/24/2010

Nameofsound 1x12 : Countdown's user review


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I possde this cabinet since September 2009.

I chose orange Tolex to associate my Tiny Terror with uncelestion V30 ... but there are several possibilities to make his choice as it is the "custom" (Tolex, HP, grid facade ...)
The finishes are impeccable! The corners are black, and the handles on the cot it goes really well with the orange!
The wheels are removable and solids.
The box is completely closed relatively deep (40 cm) by other report "cabs" ... it must surely play on the sound quality is REALLY the appointment.
The facade grille is tilted for better sound distribution.

I possde a Blackstar HT5-H and therefore Tiny Terror, and dissemination of sound has nothing to do between the NOS, a Blackheart BH112 (which is when even good bill for 140 euros !!!) and Randall CX 212, I also possde!

It's hard to dcrire sounds in words, but my ears, they have understood and felt the difference ... and friends who come to me also!

The baffle costing 490 euros, which is not present, certainly, but the quality is the ... well!
At home they say: "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap" !!! This means that I prefer to wait to have the means to offer me a great quality product rather than scurrying me from cheap to regret it and in the end having to buy ...

I would do the choice without hsiter ... I look elsewhere in the near future to offer me a 2x12 XL OUR home, of course !!!
PS: These cabinets are custom made in France by a passionate manufactures also amps, pedals prampliset of ... and provides a service of quality!
I am born to you highlight for those who do not know it yet ...