Nameofsound 1x12

1x12, 1x12 Guitar Cabinet from Nameofsound.

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jpabraham 05/21/2011

Nameofsound 1x12 : jpabraham's user review


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I use it for several weeks in a home studio. This is my first baffle V30. I transplanted with a Shure SM27 coupled with a baffle Hughes and Kettner (for serious) transplanted by a vocal mic.

I play with a head peavey triple xxx or a Randall V2. Currently recording with Triple xXx

The sound made by the speaker is very rich in midrange and treble full, very low bass.
So I think it makes a speaker ideal for recording, to search for a specific color of a sound.

Top quality, the very top of the basket. (I opened a Marshall JCM 900: it's crap, really, reinforced with real wood crate and not at all waterproof)

before we can say if I would do this choice, I must try a 2x12 and a 4x12
the same quality (orange Laboga, NOS).

Anyway I have a sound that I like and I was looking for. I would put on AF samples by not later.

I put 10/10 for the only thing that could lower the note, the sound has that's subjective. In its style is difficult to challenge.