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1x12 Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Bogner 1x12 Cube Closed Back

    Bogner 1x12 Cube Closed Back - "Small package, HUGE tone"


    This review can be short: best 1x12 on the planet PERIOD The only thing I do not like about these is the fact that I waited so long to get them! I use these most of the time with a stereo rack setup. I bought them specifically to be used with that s…

  • Blackheart Engineering BH112 Little Giant Cab

    Blackheart Engineering BH112 Little Giant Cab - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Shredchris/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I got it today and played four straight hours with it. Very good manufacturing and finish. Very high output power. The sound is clear and much better balanced than my previ…

Translated user reviews
  • Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister TM112

    Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister TM112 - " Very good cab for even more home !!!"


    I just bought this HP to go with my head Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36. I've owned a lot of heads before (JCM800, Peavey 6505 + Orange ORH15 and Jim Root and finally Engl Fireball). The merit of these little heads is more to do when you do not pla…

  • Palmer CAB 112 GOV

    Palmer CAB 112 GOV - " Very well"


    2 years I have. I chose the Governor release, thanks to Palmer website that allows you to listen to different HP you can choose for the enclosure. This HP is hot and ample ... hummmmmmm I do not regret that choice. Small defect in the carpentry …

  • Palmer CAB 112 B

    Palmer CAB 112 B - " impeccable and good price / quality ratio"


    Purchased as a baffle for Tubemeister head. I chose the version of Celestion V30. The construction is solid and serious. Provided the cabinet is not too heavy to carry. The baffle is semi open to the rear, this does not prevent a good bass respon…

  • Ibanez TSA112C

    Ibanez TSA112C - Abbekan's review


    Super. Associated with the head TSA 15H, I am delighted with my purchase knowing that my test was: 12 ' Lamps His Vintage I have all this and more …

  • Marshall 1912

    Marshall 1912 - " Do not underestimate!"


    It is quite efficient I tried many config but there with my head in February 1912 and Ibanez TSA15H is the bomb. The connection of the Ibanez head can connect my 2 1912 under 8ohms and it sounds serious. I'm not a sound engineer to describe the sou…

  • Harley Benton G112

    Harley Benton G112 - " small, light and cheap"


    HB cabinet, therefore, open, equipped with an HP 12 "100W (80RMS): it is cheap (60 € and nine ...), lightweight (11kg) and very convenient for nomadism, oxen and rpeter with a powerful header not (for me: Ibanez TSA15). amploi Not the same as my head…

  • Mesa Boogie 1x12 Thiele

    Mesa Boogie 1x12 Thiele - " One of the best 1x12 on the market!"


    Mesa Boogie 1x12 Thiele, 1989, equipped with a speakerphone ElectroVoice EVM12L can collect up to 200 watts into 8 ohms. There is also an output Parallel Out so you can connect a second speaker, always 8 ohms. Despite his age, mine is in perfect cond…

  • Palmer CAB 112 B

    Palmer CAB 112 B - " Excellent"


    Palmer offers a range of speakers mounted (in Eminence or Celestion) but also of empty cabinets in 1x12, 2x12 and 4x12. Rates are very interesting and the quality / price probably the best currently considering making more than serious. This cab …