M-Audio Axiom 25
M-Audio Axiom 25

Axiom 25, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio in the Axiom series.

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johnrae 05/15/2012

M-Audio Axiom 25 : johnrae's user review

« My 2nd Favorite Small Scale Midi Keyboard »

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The M-Audio Axiom 25 is a 25 key, semi weighted keyboard, with 8 pads, 8 knobs, a set of transports and a modulation and pitch bend wheel. The feel of this keyboard is AWESOME. I HIGHLY recommend the larger size models of this line for a keyboard, but I use this one as my small scale midi keyboard. It's my second favorite for the size, and it just feels great. The semi-weighted keys are awesome, and the drum pads are great. I have used this keyboard for a while and love it.


Instillation is simple as plugging it in and mapping it to Ableton Live. Everything works fine, but the knobs feel a little clunky and rough, but passable. I love the pads, they feel awesome, and the keys feel SO good under your fingers. I love the general feel of the whole thing and everything has the perfect amount of responsiveness. I love the way that they feel so much, that I bought a 64 key version that I use for pads, leads, and some piano stuff. I'm thinking about picking up another one for live performance. The modulation and pitch bend wheels also feel AWESOME. They are super responsive and smooth.


This is my 2nd favorite keyboard because of it's feel. The keys feel SO good, and the pads rock, though the knobs are nothing special. I use this as my secondary small scale keyboard, and the Roland A-300 Pro as my main. I do love this one though, but the A-300 has more knobs and sliders, and is 20 bucks cheaper and spans 4 octaves. What this lacks in controls it makes up for in the incredible feel and response. The newest version comes with one fader that I've messed with and feels pretty good, so pick one up if you want. I highly recommend this keyboard.