Novation Remote 25
Novation Remote 25

Remote 25, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Novation in the Remote series.

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ipm 10/16/2012

Novation Remote 25 : ipm's user review

«  novation good as the brand knew how to do before ... »

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master keyboard mid / usb standalone store up memories for managing my synths / rack / samplers without using a PC / mac

I do not use VST / software sequencers and other softwares to reason. (I work only hard for years and I do not really want to spend) so my opinion reflects HARDWARE use only.

connectivity huge twelve o'clock!
USB MIDI: Noon (3 midi out over USB)
PHYSICAL MIDI (real ports pm) 2 out + 1 thru (increasingly rare) and 1 in)

is more than full!
1 button on / off (practice)
2 footswitch inputs (switch + controller)
1 USB port

Excellent little master keyboard, it serves me for everything when I do not need extended range of action (ideal for my bass and rhythmic sequences to type out a few step sequencing) totally essential for playing with my filters racks (what about my ultra EMU, this little remote it actually drooling ...)


feel a little soft, not too bounce, but very pleasant to the touch. the keyboard is a bit noisy. (I think this is the same type of keyboard KS4) which frankly was not bad.

[ca however not worth my cyber ​​6 but this is the top, at least from my point of view]

manual is not bad, but I do not use it because the machine is very intuitive, its sub menus do not abound. Usually in 2-3 keys are assigned a button to anything (CC, NRPN, sysex ...)

selection of MIDI channels is easy, you can assign a channel for all the buttons and then specifically. routing ports noon is very easy and complete

I add that the ranges are flexible (eg 0-127 or -64 +64, ca does nothing but air is extremely important to control live racks.

it is small, exactly what I was looking for in my rather small space. the MMC controls are perfect, buttons, knobs, sliders are solid.

Overall, ca breathes good design and especially it is very readable. No need to think to change a parameter (cutoff, reso, adsr approx., lfo ..)


After a lot of testing, I wanted to move towards a remote SL 25 first name because I'm not a fan of the new materials used by innovation in recent years. color me out through the eyes.

the remote SL 25 I liked especially for its readability touble lcd giganteste, but readability is average.

Via an ad, I got a proposal for a remote 25 (non SL) and certainemnet is the best choice I could make for less than 90 euros.

Today, he flew through a dispatch noon, several expanders (03RW Korg, Novation KS rack, JV2080, a well stocked MC505 and 3 samplers.

I recall one button via a configuration suitable for each rack / sampler and without intervention from a computer. short, for my use it is simply top