Line 6 Vetta 212
Line 6 Vetta 212

Vetta 212, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Line 6 in the Vetta series.

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flibust 03/16/2006

Line 6 Vetta 212 : flibust's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Amp modlisation numrique
150w announcement ... almost too pchu for use in home-studio mini home ... but volume is benefitted tt on the best sound quality ...
complte hyper connectivity for effects (and especially numrique connection with PC or directly with the Variax guitars brand)
for effects, modlisations the top (called the quality of DSP pro)
dj bcp presets with combis amp / speaker / sound effects trs near mythical group (u2, pink floyd, police .... etc) plus a library line6 (with lots of free) via site ddi ...
the machine is heavy, and she does well in the tough kind, made to last ...

super simple exchange with other brand products (Variax, workbench, line6 bookstores of the net ...)
extreme ease to get a good big sound (in the clear as saturated ...)
Now, it is sr that such product has its downside: it's almost too much too combis (amp / speaker) possible; a ringing marshall, vox, Carlsbro, Fender, h and k. ..
Drout is a (somewhat like dmultiplication also the types of guitars on the Variax) ... the advantage of opting for a combination and a Variax VETTAI: configs are proposed for automatically presets (such as scratches will call plutt traditionally this type of amp, speaker, effects ).... but hey, it's good to be free and not having his musical universe circumscribed by CHARACTERISTICS limits of a single brand ...

Too many effects as possible: you can chain, insrer any stage of sound production admultiplie .... .... the possibilities when one finally there is a double track, and so we may choose to have two circuits in Stereo radically DIFFERENT guitar with a single branch ....!!!! has opened a wealth of Ingala .... in short, a sound incredibly richly ... for any style!

the manual?
even no need to raise too much, except for specific exchange between automation products for the line6 or super complex configs ... it is an amplifier before being a gas factory ... so scratch the ordinary fr quente amps does not feel fear dpays

what style of music does it not be? that is the question to ask!
This combo makes not only my honor and my Variax variax500 acoustic700, but he has given a facelift my old US strato I redcouvre and when it is boosted by an amplifier of this quality. I dare hardly think that a gibson LP57 with 3 humbuckers can give that kind of stuff!

no sounds take me, not to dplaise intgristes circuits lamps ....

Almost two months of use, to replace a Behringer V-AMPIRE But I found that dj trs good (for the price, it was at 1 / 5 the price of the Vetta) ...
matrise I do not have all the tricks chanage effects, I do not know all the amps CHARACTERISTICS modliss, nor those of the speakers ....
is the pb when we "all" and some say they prfrent "little kiss good treindre" (typ and a gear limit is sr, we end the matriser) I'm not complaining this profusion (forty amps, both speakers, the dual effects ...) and I accept the consquence: feeling on the beach in front of an oc year of possibilities!
I leave 20 years on a Vox ... j'apprcie more wealth that these combos are modlisation our door ...
1900euros course, it's expensive for an amp .. but not for what ultimate Amp VETTAI ....
I love this big bte and I will facilitate its use by attaching a pdalier ending for its measurement.
At the risk of rpter (relative to the post or on the Variax workbench), the quality is to go for reasonable prices: I would have frowned upon with a collection of heads of amplifiers, loudspeakers, pdaliers and effects rack in a few m2 j'alloue that music at home ... not to mention that this would be at irralisable pcuniaire ...
Briefly, I think modlisation (type Variax guitars, violin workshops virtual amps and effects in a while a module) is the future of the guitar consumer ...
for not otherwise get to be suspect of being an agent in line6, I would stress here that I kept my Behringer V-AMPIRE (modlisation amp with effects Intgr) I think it's the medium version is excellent amateur all over the VETTAI litiste.