Line 6 Vetta 212
Line 6 Vetta 212

Vetta 212, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Line 6 in the Vetta series.

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zztop144 12/08/2005

Line 6 Vetta 212 : zztop144's user review


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This notice should be included in the "head amp" that I had not seen ...

All transistor, no trace of lment of lighting (lamps what) the following, even for this price!
I gn I am not the head Vetta combo ... the head "DGIG" two times 60 watts (vrifier).
Trs connectors classic one between output jack or XLR for sotie line and twice two jacks for HPs. (Remember, I am not the head Vetta combo).
The rglages and effects, good gods I would never have enough room ... See leaflet but in short there are a few prs everything that's made up Submitted amp that indeed both "stombox" as they call and finally a post effect module amplification.
10 share of quarrels with bells on this or that type of modlisation on this machine I do not see what's missing?

The configuration is relatively simple but there are so many thing in bte need some time before an ide of what "a" can do, I still learning.
The right sound, and finally the basic sound, is easy to find we must take notice (excellent, finally a nice read notice), find the amp that goes well, do not put too much effect immediately, SETTING THE all based amp is on the right side of it, gain, filtering and master, and its rings.
I made a dj parenthse on the record but honestly it is great, I am doing my rglages marr. It is available at Line 6.
8 rating in the sophistication of the machine, many things to see.

The question is, should it your style of music? remains whether there is a style of music that this amp does not know how? Good bulbs, so the heat was not a good wooden pole but ...
I play a Steinberger Spirit, a Fender Start, an Epiphone LP and a Godin Flat Five X, (acoustic sounds nice) and the amp makes the difference, phew! No doubt about the instrument used a password.
All types of sounds are possible but with time I focused on a sound that suits me, type Marschal not to appoint him but when I want another not need to unplug, just turn the knob . I have a head lead 100 mosfet Marschal fairly and I had fun putting one ct the other ... fun, only the volume knob at raction of the guitar is REALLY diffrent ... dfaveur in the Line 6, all or nothing for Gnant nuances, but otherwise quite a growl.
A concern even when the sounds Vox, as long as there is a double on the guitar sounds become dsagrables, trs confused, a kind of saturation unfortunate.
justifies the remark dernire 9

Happy owner of this beautiful machine is the one with the software version 2, for a year and a half, he made all the RPET and scnes. In this connection it is heavy and in addition it must be the peavey 4x12 ... but a copy to the reliability level of sounds (no comment on the bulbs ...).
And I always had a field fender 25, a hybrid, and a head Marschal Mosfet Lead 100, as transistor, and the versatility of Vetta parrait me more and more indispensable. For the line out there is an entire module that allows a paramtrer with onions and have its own amp.
10 for the note, frankly some small dtail vis vis all the rest are teachers and consume without modration ...