Orange PPC212C
Orange PPC212C

PPC212C, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Orange in the PPC series.

BluesBiker 02/13/2009

Orange PPC212C : BluesBiker's user review


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Going straight to the point: this cabinet is extraordinary in the sense of the word.
I had a Marshall 1922 upgraded to V30 to complete my Rocker30. (After a lot of other amps and speakers)
I was very happy with the sound, and if he still lacked a "little something" I put on the account of the amp, my Telecaster or my fingers ...
Before testing the PPC 212 ... And then I realized that hp are not all in one cabinet, it is not a simple "box".
Try and see ... Everything else is bland ..
This baffle to performance and dispersion extraordinaires.Les bass are deep and not drooling, treble chiseled, mediums warm, the balance of it all perfect.
This may not remonstrate complex in many of 4X12 marché.On out of the mix without any effort.
Obviously, with an Orange head, the sound is typed vintage british and ... Orange!
Otherwise, it's built like a tank (not plywood, chipboard even less, but birch please ...), it weighs 35 kg (I hastened to add him four large wheels) and the finish is just perfect .. As for the look "so British", I love ..
It's expensive, but the speaker is often the weak link in the gear of musicians and it is a mistake.
Finally, remember: only one speaker is connected NEVER headed with a jack instrument.C is dangerous for the amp and it eats the son.Il are special cables for that. (You can even do )
In short, the PPC 212 is the Rolls Royce of 2X12 cabinet.