Orange PPC212C
Orange PPC212C

PPC212C, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Orange in the PPC series.

Gab_ 11/20/2010

Orange PPC212C : Gab_'s user review


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I use it for 15 days.
I have a vintage 2x12 cabinet Harley Benton 30 Thomann past few years. And using for the first time the orange speaker on stage last night with my amp settings unchanged from the HB cabinet I had the good surprise to hear my bass player exclaim "What is Hého of these low phew there? frequencies is MY! ". I had not had that since I have my heavy too bulky and too heavy 4x12 marshmall. With the baffle HB my bass setting was based on my amp can have a few bodies in the sound, keeping the volume of both speakers is different, there are more bass ... Yum!

Note: I have a 2009 limited edition version in white. It's beautiful, but very messy ... And then it's bulkier than HP speaker (for the same weight).

It would be perfect with a toggle switch for the stereo.