Soldano 2x12 Standard Cabinet
Soldano 2x12 Standard Cabinet

2x12 Standard Cabinet, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Soldano.

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MatrixClaw 03/20/2011

Soldano 2x12 Standard Cabinet : MatrixClaw's user review

« Great Little Cab! »

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I LOVE this cabinet. I originally got it with a Soldano SLO and am currently using it with my Peavey 5150.

The cab is built out of high-quality, void-less, birch and loaded with 2 Eminence V12 Legend speakers, running at 8 ohms in a closed-back design. This is probably the deepest 2x12 cab I've ever seen (it's actually deeper than my Marshall 4x12), but is of normal size - length and height wise. However, despite its size, it's actually a very light weight cabinet, and is very easy to transport. The tolex is also very resilient and doesn't wear down easily, even though it feels fairly thin.

The Eminence Legend speakers in it sound absolutely HUGE live. They give my 5150 an extra oomph that the V30s in my other cabs couldn't provide. They retain a ton of clarity, while still producing the most brutal sound I've ever heard out of my 5150, and because of the design, it has a giant low-end, that stays amazingly tight. The speakers are crisp, without any harsh EQs associated with a lot of Celestion speakers. A very well balanced cab that sounds great from clean to metal. However, I find that it's somewhat directional, and sounds best listening from directly in front of it.

The removable front grille makes micing the cab up a breeze. Pop off the grille and throw an SM57 on it, and you're in business! My only complaint here is, the Legends don't seem to track nearly as well as I'm used to with Vintage 30s. While it sounds great live, it doesn't translate quite as well to a recording, and requires a lot of playing around with mic placement to really get it right. The good news is, with the removable front grille, this is made a lot easier than it sounds, as you're able to physically see the entire speaker, and position it accordingly.

Overall, I really recommend this cab to anyone playing rock or heavier. For as small as it is, it really packs a punch, and sounds just as big as my 4x12s (it's actually significantly louder than the Mesa 4x12 I used to have), not to mention it's much easier to move around than your typical 4x12!

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