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Behringer DX626
Behringer DX626
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Publié le 06/24/08 à 03:05
3-channel mixer, with all that basic need, but without any effect.

The meter of the headphone that is useless because always in orange, same volume dye it.

The dual BPM counter does is absolutely nothing ... slow and far from prcis (when running) he pointed me hardteck was 80bpm ... and do not dpassent 160.


It is very simple to use!

Update of the June 24, 2008

With the experience we quickly realized that the knobs are really too close!


Then the big downside:

-A Breath in the master
-The Reciprocal runway means a little if the crossfader is in the middle
-The Track 3 is heard in Track 2 in the headphones

Update of the June 24, 2008

Lanes 2 and 3 are stronger with the cross of their respective cot rather than in the middle


Plus, it's cheap ...

Least a fader will I loose after 6 months (return warranty) ...

Now with the experience I would buy this table.La no one with whom I mix also had problems on Berhinger (DJX700) .I therefore dconseille this table

Buy instead of Stanton Numark or equivalent in ...

And if you have the budget, buy pioneer, eclerc, Vestax, Rane or allen ...

Modified June 24, 2008

Track 2 dfinitevement HS (on a shot of 2)

So I used my track 1 and 3 (non-assignable cross fader track, so cross that serves more)
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