Numark DM3002X
Numark DM3002X

DM3002X, 3-Channel Mixer from Numark in the DM series.

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iXtlan23 01/22/2004

Numark DM3002X : iXtlan23's user review


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The Numark DM-3002X is a DJ mix of very good quality ergonomic and efficient. more oriented towards a broad use (techno hihop) that is strictly dedicated to a style.

- 3 tracks phono / line + microphone input.
- 3-band EQ on each track (including micro) + Gain Control
- 2 groups of selector "kill" that permetent to cut frequencies (low / mid / high).
- Flexible and precise cross fader can be assigned to any edge. It works in two ways either in "hip hop" = slow transition. is in "techno" = rapid transition. Furthermore, it is reversible
- Systm of the costs in the headphone is a complicated qd can we want to hear the overall mix but has the advantage of mixing with headphones without having to listen through the speakers! (Convenient for those who mix in the apartment).
- Balancing the knob headphone L / R between the two tracks selectionnbr /> - control of gain general assignagle L / R
- Baragraph band on each slice + a general
- LED display beat a score of cross-fader.
- Insert effect
- Rack-mountable in 10 "
- Possibility to remotely control a CD player numark thanks to the "fader start"
- Connection complete with RCA / cinch






Basically it's a table that presents well, plays easily, and presents in addition the possibility to access many features often reserved for very high-end consoles. as of 3 bandeux bargraphs separated, or the balance control L / R of the tracks assigned ds Listen headphone.

but hey what really is the most jouabilit and ergonomics that DM3002X gadgets and doing very well face has its big sisters (vestax PMC / PMC and A & H Xone).