Allen & Heath Xone:92
Allen & Heath Xone:92

Xone:92, 4+ Channel Mixer from Allen & Heath in the Xone series.

JimboSpins 03/25/2013

Allen & Heath Xone:92 : JimboSpins's user review

« Xone 92 was the best in this range »

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The Allen & Heath Xone : 92 is a DJ mixer that cost almost 1500 USD but it is worth every single dollar. I knew from previous Allen & Heath units that this was going to be a great buy. After I purchased it (in 2008) I was very happy with my money that I spent on it. It was very simple to start using right away and the build of it is very solid. It was honestly one of the best built units I have ever worked with under 2 thousand dollars.


There are 6 stereo channels, 2 aux sends, 2 LFO’s and 2 independent outputs (stereo mix). This was the mixer that I basically took with me everywhere and it was my main mixer for a long time. I had zero issues with it. There was actually another version of this that was out before this one came out, I am not sure why they discontinued that one. But I know for a fact there are no issues with this version of the Xone : 92.


I used this mixer for well over a year and did probably between 20 and 30 major venues and clubs with it. The audio outputs on it are amazing and the sound quality was perfect for the systems of bigger clubs. The headphone output was very quiet and clean. I was able to get my next tracks ready to be mixed in easy even in loud clubs with a lot of noise going on around me.


I loved this mixer and its full MIDI capabilities. There is nothing you cannot do with this mixer and it sounds amazing. This would be my first choice in this price range if I was to go back and buy another mixer under 2 grand right now. I am very happy with my decision to go with the Allen & Heath Xone : 92!