Behringer DJX700
Behringer DJX700

DJX700, 4+ Channel Mixer from Behringer in the Pro Mixer series.

FP User 10/31/2008

Behringer DJX700 : FP User's user review


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I am satisfied with most of the features on the mixer. I would have like to seen a better beat counter seeing as I am a new dj. I really think my beat counter may be screwed up, or I don't know how to use it. It was good to me for a first mixer. I would have love to seen the 8 second sampler from the Pioneer DJM-600.

Price paid

$350 Canadian


Took me around 5 minutes to set all the cables up and get it running. The manual is really helpful and I thank Behringer for making it so helpful. It was easy to understand, even for a first time buyer. I have to figure out the beat counter then it will be all good. Thats my only concern about it right now. The whole layout of the faders and dials was pretty good. Every thing is in a good place.


Sound quality is good, but one of my turntables is in bad shape, and it shows in the hum. If you have out of shape turntables, fix it or get a new one. It really shows in the sound. I found some of the effects to be useless, but some of the effects I like. I like the Panning Tremolo. It has a total of 46 effects built in. There is a great spinning dial to scroll through different effects easier. I am going to buy a seperate effects machine later.


I have not had to contact Behringer for anything that has gone wrong with the DJX 700. It has been great for me. It seems like a tough mixer, and the quality of the mixer is good.

I really like this mixer, but I can't speak for every DJ seeing that this is the first mixer I have bought. I am fairly new at DJing, but this mixer I really enjoy. I think if I had the money I would go with the Pioneer DJM-600, but for know I absolutly love this the Behringer DJX-700. I can't wait to see what they come out with next!

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