Behringer DJX700
Behringer DJX700

DJX700, 4+ Channel Mixer from Behringer in the Pro Mixer series.

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tom-a 05/20/2005

Behringer DJX700 : tom-a's user review


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It is not rack in the sense that there are no holes for the target of a "loose" but there are fight-appropriate box (that of the djm 500 such as they are fromat same). there are four ways a departure and a return effects. a master, a booth (deuxime output for a speaker back for example) and an output tape (to save your mix!). RCA connectors (red and white plugs). the equalizer is like three bands (low, middle, high). more effects are available on the table. She also double possde BPM counter.


Gnrale simple configuration (same as that of a djm 500). the usual functions are easily accessible and simple comprhension and use. mauel the job is prcis trs.


The sound that comes out of the console is ts net. the equalizer is effective trs. more functions kill (attnuation complte a band: low, middle or high) that compltent trs work well also.
I have never perceived blast or grsillment or other (it's been 6 months I possde this table)


It's been six months that I use. features that allow DSIR (This is where it goes bad!): the effects are quite mdiocre (except delay and echo): The flanger does not extend much trs The tremolo (panning) is carrment inaudible. filters (at least what they call filter) are not top, the reverb is not gniaux either. bizard what is in the effects is that they are audible in the trs headphone plf position if they are on the master attnus (o of the mdiocrit some)
fader level: the sound be heard seven starts .... on a scale of 10 it is sometimes annoying especially as the sound arrives at once, we must be in the Mount prcis fader .... BPM is the trs rvle be unreliable.
DJX before buying the 700, I had a Behringer VMX300. I find that this product (which offers less possibilities can be) is better overall.
While the ratio price quality is unquestionable but it should review its behringer Manir produces what can rgler fader curve as the VMX300 (and I mean no cross-fader fader), and also a small RVision in the effects (often inaudible)
with the exprience I do not know if I would do this choice, I'll try other brands that offer the same product range in comparable prices (reloop example, Pioneer still relatively expensive (but that's what called quality ...))