Akai MPK49
Akai MPK49
N-base 11/24/2013

Akai MPK49 : N-base's user review

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enssemble the keyboard, pads and all these knobs my reasons for this choice. midi in and out connections. usb


touch keyboard is pretty good for a keyboard of this price.
the manual is a little void I admit, I mostly learned to use thanks to the tutorial on the internet. I started in with mao, so I took a little head (I used the rewire with ableton and reason) For a while it was certainly not easy with all the midi channels that is remote and company ... but I'm starting to enjoy with me!


I use it for almost 2 years
I have not tried many model before buying (but I tried)
I already love his keyboard in a pretty good feel for the range of this instrument. To them when the pads are to control the patterns in reason, to replace the battery uh ... these are just the pads!
thanks to all banks pads and knobs, for the times I do not feel limited to what I use.
quality report seems to me pretty good
If I knew how I was too much hassle for me to use uhh ... I would hesitate but now that I have identified the beast I'm glad I invested in and it is a choice I do not regret, I think I would do