Akai Professional MPK49

MPK49, 49-Key MIDI Keyboard from Akai Professional in the MPK series.

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vsavagellc 11/14/2011

Akai Professional MPK49 : vsavagellc's user review

« Akai Mpk49 is Worth every Penny »

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Akai made headway by including pads onto their midi keyboard controllers. This unit comes with 49 keys,basic manual (a little too basic), usb cable for hooking up. This controller can also use standard midi cables as well as a power cord. The unit powers through usb and to me that's a better way to power the unit, less chance of running into a group loop that way.

I purchased this unit because I need a new midi controller with some mapping options. What sold me was the feel of unit as well as the 12 pads that are built right into the board it self.


What I love about this midi controller is everything is plug n play. It's as simple as plugging it up via the usb cable and letting your OS install the needed drivers. The manual was clear i wish they would have dove a little more into advanced customizing but hey it's not to hard to figure out but you'd figure they'd be nice enough to include that after charging you $400 for the keyboard.

The mpk49 comes with a select number of templates for the more popular daws and music production applications. If your application isn't listed you will have to build your own template. I like to start from the "Generic" setting personally.


I honestly thing this controller could have been $100.00 cheaper but it's still a good price at $400.00. My only disenchanting moment with this controller is the pads... they are not sensitive enough and will require you to get a pad upgrade. There are a lot of DIY kits out there ranging from $14-$25.00, well worth the money in my opinion.

Aside from the pads it's a great controller, with a quality build and I love the way the keys feel when I'm producing music.

I didn't try any other units out while I was in guitar center because this was the only controller at the time that had what I needed. I mean I could tell that just from looking and not touching..

I think this is a perfect midi controller for professionals and novice a like. 49 keys give you enough room to play full scales and chords vs a smaller 25 key midi controller where you're always fighting with the octave button.