Nektar Panorama P4
Nektar Panorama P4
rogercag 11/17/2013

Nektar Panorama P4 : rogercag's user review


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The characteristics of choice: I was looking for a master keyboard that I would avoid buying an additional control surface dedicated to Reason ...
It's simple keyboard that responds to 200% ...


The keyboard is top and is perfect for my use.
Lightweight manual, but the online help is provided.
A very good point that Nektar team told me about problems (which were not in the end) on the management of my faders. Last email received support one night at 0:30! happy knew serious short of the box.


This keyboard is really dedicated to Reason is like an extension of the software. reasonesques especially with funky synths that can be fully exploited with the physical interface and it is true that with a little practice we even need to watch the screen or touch the keyboard of the computer . Everything is customizable! it is simple that the keyboard is not one little program with macros!
Short of good stuff.
The only gripe is the reaction of the faders on Reason in general, they do not start until you reach the value displayed on the screen. Basically if your fader is down and that of reason above, it takes hands on that when it was mounted to the same value .. (If I'm not clear you say ...)

apart from that everything is great with this purchase is necessary Reason (7 for my test)