Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12
Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12

Fat Bottom 4x12, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Fryette Amplification.

drkorey 04/15/2011

Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12 : drkorey's user review

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This is a very solidly made high quality 4x12 guitar speaker cab. The cabinet features: semi-traditional style angled 4X12 cabinet, featuring Mono-Stereo input capability and selectable 4 or 16 ohm impedance in mono mode and 8 ohm/channel in stereo mode. Plug in casters were included.
I bought it as a used return from an online dealer at a discounted price. I bought it without hearing it based on VHT's solid reputation and all of the great reviews I had read about it. I figured for a $250 discount and being priced at $750 I couldn't go wrong.
Over time, something about this cab just didn't gel with me. It could have been the P50 speakers or the fact that it was front loaded or both. As my playing and ear progressed over the years the sound of this cab just didn't work for me so I sold it. It seemed overly bright and high gain sounds didn't break up the way I wanted them to coming out of this cab. As stated, the speakers are front mounted, which is a bit different than most cabinets these days. This makes the amp "tighter" to some people and may make the frequencies more even to some ears.
I recommend trying before you buy. But, if new, the sound will change and most likely get better as the speakers break in.
I wish this cab would have worked for me. It could handle any volume without flubbing and farting out and it was very solid. At that point in time, I didn't have the patience or knowledge to swap speakers and I probably wouldn't have taken the time to do it anyway.
During this time, I also owned Avatar and Splawn 4x12's. The Splawn was purchased after the VHT and that is the cab I kept in the end.
Knowing what I know now I would not have purchased this speaker cabinet.