Marshall 1960TV
Marshall 1960TV
severinsteel 06/01/2012

Marshall 1960TV : severinsteel's user review

« Great cab, but somewhat pricey »

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I have owned a ton of speaker cabinets in my day. I currently own 6 4x12's, 3 of them being Marshall. The 1960TV is a great cabinet. It looks amazing with it's 'blues breaker' like grille cloth and small logo. If you didn't know, the 1960TV's and 1960AX's are the Marshall cabs that come with Celestion Greenbacks. I am honestly not a huge fan of the Greenbacks for the style of music I play (heard rock/ metal), but they would sound great for classic rock. My issue with them is the 75Hz bass rolloff. Even if I am toiling in bass guitar territory below that, I would like a more extended bass response. They do have very nice mids though!

Construction wise, the cab is built as well or better than the other 1960 cabs. Actually, my TV has a plywood back panel as opposed to a particle board one, so that's a huge plus. Marshall is pretty cheap with some of the components, such as plastic handles, crappy casters, thin tolex, and plastic jack cups. Aside from that, they are pretty awesome. They tend to sound a little more loose than say a Mesa 4x12.

One thing that bugs me about the cab, is I never really heard much of the extra bass that the cab promised. Sure, it is taller, but it doesn't sound bigger or anything. To be honest, I think Marshall got the 4x12 cab size down the first time. I would, however, be interested in a TV with a straight front. That would look killer!

Overall, this is a great cab. But it really isn't that much different than the 1960's sound wise, aside form the Greenbacks. You can find 1960 cabs used for very cheap, so I really believe you are paying for the aesthetics on this one more than anything.