Edirol PCR-80
Edirol PCR-80

PCR-80, 61-Key MIDI Keyboard from Edirol in the PCR series.

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ymersion 10/17/2004

Edirol PCR-80 : ymersion's user review


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8xfaders rotary
2xprises PDAL
16xmmoires of control
6xboutons of mute, solo, program change etc ...
3xboutons locator

MIDI in / out and USB (MIDI interface so in the case of a USB connection)

9 / 10
no aftertouch, and a screen too small for so great is clavier.Le nikel


My main motivation to buy a MIDI keyboard silent on many touch.Eh trs sincerely MODEL is the only cheap touch with a reasonable (even though that matter). For ssaye other M-Audio and Evolution s'avre it as PCR SERIES is the best, others are plastic and no carrment TouchMe feeling rather a piece of plastic or you can press to out sound). As for the knobs I would say that there is a diffrence between lgre PCR and the other with an advantage for PCR but hey it's subtle trs.
As said in the opinion slction Previous channel patches etc ... is done in three steps (slction option and option value and validation of the option) which is not always enjoyable trs.
I also have an AIM largest display various information for the style values ​​of cc (continuous) on what memory is and have the programming of presets (UC33 style that is small but effective three values ​​continuously displays ) but for this price range do not exist.

9 / 10
Yes the problem of slction gache option of just the landscape especially in the live


1year of use and I selected from all keyboards (except 1 or 2 and yet I made several shop) for a price range from 0 to 350euros

9 / 10
For the overall opinion I put 9 because I get paid 400euros at the time (albeit with foot pedals), but that price I think it lacks a little of dtails qualit.Malgr this this is the best of the range of 0 to 350euros.

9 / 10
-No aftertouch
Trs-small screen not full
-The best in price range
Satisfesant-touch (for poor but requiring users)

I want to put 8 because it could have made this product a MIDI keyboard controller vritable but good all APRS I judge the product not what I want