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pekch 06/04/2006

Evolution Mk-461c : pekch's user review


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Is a good master keyboard USB> MIDI standard autoaliment by USB, with buttons (available impractical to control a soft ... it's a paved numrique from 0 to 9 in which fat), 8 faders, assignable knobs (too bad we can not set a value MIN. and MAX. faders and knobs for), here and a little blue screen rtroclair (on this point, the program is not really Designed Moreover, because the screen does not display information that should tjs)
All in a cheapy cheapy plastoc low-end ... This is unfortunate, if Eveolution applied a little more couraging their stuff it might be okay


Touch bin, plastic soft, what
config fairly simple, although not really a program designed as I said above the level of knobs / faders and notch
the manual is clear and sufficient


I used 2 months
enigma software has never worked with me (or with the keyboard or control surface with UC 33)
before buying this one (in the dark I have to admit) I used an old synth keyboard kawai matre as I can tell you that I did not last long with the Evolution ... ;)
For the same price (just over) move towards a better KORG (the microKONTROL is much better, less good octave, m good, better quality, in the percu pads + above)
Good at the same time, it has a keyboard 200 which, like a gift to your son if he nola adj a computer and want to try the music ...
But actually not, buy him a korg!