Nektar Panorama P6
Nektar Panorama P6
iansorcerer 07/30/2014

Nektar Panorama P6 : iansorcerer's user review

«  Fabulous. »

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To see the full site features Nektar. What I did buy is the promised full Cubase (Cubase utlise 7.5) integration.


I like his touch, it suits me well. Very nice finish and sturdy construction. The manual is brief, but it should still read it to see that there is a soft integration fetching Nektar's website and install. The keyboard connects with usb 2. Promise thing, thing due: once this is done, it lights up and you launch Cubase. Nothing to do, everything is already configured and meets the finger and the eye. Using the console, various settings, pads, everything is a treat; more via the navigation button, it switches to control plugin triggered by accessing all or part of the settings (as plugin, works very well with Halion, or Sylenth ....).


I use it for 3 months; I had little master keyboard, I mostly had hardware synth I also used it in master keyboard. So far I like everything and I do not see him missing.

Bought new € 415, it starts to make money for a master keyboard, but has no doubt the money. I would do this choice without hesitation.