Ibanez AEB10E
Ibanez AEB10E
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Domleduc 09/08/2005

Ibanez AEB10E : Domleduc's user review


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Here I am finally delivered for 2 and a half months of waiting.
Let's start with the things that annoy, to register disappointment.
- The battery drawer seems to me too "cheap", made of a lightweight plastic, it is handled with care. The system tray close, whatever wanting to be very convenient and fast, seems to me misconceived, too "fever" for intensive use.
- The second drawback is undoubtedly the very average quality of the strings. A rapid change is needed, and the difference will be immediately felt.
Good points and not the least is to go
- First, the wide range of sounds, due to the equalizer and this highly effective, offering a range of sounds that can satisfy a majority of styles.
- The quality of the very nice touch, handle well designed and constructed
- The built-in tuner, live in very handy for a quick hot réacordage.
- The present two outputs, one XLR and Jac, it can s'avérée indispensable stage for a direct connection console.
In summary, a good compromise, a purchase for a bass that cohere aesthetically is well made, a purchase without regrets.


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