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MGR/Matthew Austin 07/04/2002

Larrivée D-02E : MGR/Matthew Austin's user review

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My story has come about because my trusty Alvarez 5225 some ten years old started doing some annoying things. The action among other problems was my biggest beef. Anyway so I went to my local Guitar Center and cheesed with a sales guy there for a couple of months before one day I noticed a really plain looking guitar (which I like. He told me it was a Larrivee, I had never heard of it. I picked it up and was able to play like it was my electric. 400.00 used no case, 60.00 for deluxe Larrivee case and I didnt have to sweat out the first year of humidity control, whichh is so crucial in solid wood guitars first year. The electronics was a bonus, I am so happy with this guitar. I love the thin neck for playability, and the tone is very warm. I would tell anyone looking for an acoustic to get a Larrivee. It is the most quality guitar for the money. If you have no budget......Well that obviously isnt the case if you came here. Oh and one more thing, I called the Larivee people and told them my story, they sent me a Truss rod wrench(unique to the Larrivee) no charge and even asked me to tell them the serial number, they in turn told me everything about the guitar when it was started, finished and when it left Vancouver. Its an entry level guitar that should be the first choice for professional musicians. Ill shut up now. Go get one! Its as simple as that.

Tone, action, woods used in its contruction.

No peg for strap.

Top shelf.

I think I already have...NOW GO GET ONE!

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