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icarcat 07/31/2014

Line 6 Variax Acoustic 300 Nylon : icarcat's user review

«  top notch .... »

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China line6 U.S.
Handle half moon 19 frets
Microphones sensors integrated bridge
The volume is the only conventional adjustment


super round, acceptable weight well balanced with or without strap
Access to acute facilitated by the etched


entire range of sound excellent classic nylon, in classic style or Brazilian


I utlise for 5 years, and I have chosen after essyé AP 10N and silent guitar Yamaha classical nylon Ovation and Takamine range equivalent
I love the violin and I regret that the pleinnitude sound is achieved with a high-end amplication Value unbeatable price. I would do this choice without hesitation DETAILS:
reglagles: a rotary knob mixing the two guitars mithiques modeled Maldonado Torres classical flamenco 2004 and 1867. Center: 2, bottom right: one, thoroughly left: another.
a rotary knob 2nd affects the overall volume
3 knobs allow linear 1) to adjust the reverb, 2) the compressor, 3) the placement of virtual micro miking. It is therefore qualify advantage chosen between the two guitars modeled position, has almost a eqaliser special, because most micro of the rosette is approached, the more you feel low frequencies and vice vera least fifteen more biting way
Finally 1 switch allows successive pressures, choose from 10 factory presets (NB: you can not go directly to the chosen preset (decrement / rear engine)
Each patch design (modified by any of the parameters listed first) can be saved instead of the patch (preset) of departure.
the last switch heads on the tuner, by passing the sound of the instrument
Channel violin, U typical "classic" perfect kind, even the sound is surprisingly not connected residual present, and can play, work really comfortable muted.
access to the treble is etched facite by which, if it can shock initially, becomes very useful and gives even an original character very pleasant.
The balance of the instrument is perfect, with or without strap.
Sound: each preset is say a "starting point" can be modified by pre SETTINGS cited thus we arrive at roughly the sound easily desired, and depending on the transduction used (console, or combo amp) Personally I prefer to away through a PA, or equivalent, because there are so harmonic that twiter is required, and there is exceptional .....
The black dot ... it tends larsenner medium, more or less depending on presets and level. The reason is the cavity of the battery, which creates a mini sounding. I solved the problem 70%, by stuffing the cavity of with cloth or cahoutchouc, or foam. In addition, it prevents the battery box to move, thus generating noise terribly bothersome.
Conclusions (quite presonnelles) LUTHERIE geniale, I think she is already by itself, the price of the instrument
SOUND: very very interesting, even more stunning, if I come to discover, is not forced on the output level. It is better, from a resonnables level play on the trim / preamp input console
I am pleased with this purchase I would do easily