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ocverclock 08/17/2007

Line 6 Variax Acoustic 300 Nylon : ocverclock's user review


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G cracker for Variax nylon is great!

But hey let's be more explicit:

I have the Variax 600, but there is no sound nylon, as I made the mtier for bossa eg. I had to take my classical nylon bulky, fragile, and much more sensitive to the Larssen 300 nylon.

my store had a Yamaha AES500 (which will be arrter it seem), a duet nylon Godin multiac.

AES500 against 300 Nylon: Nylon 300 is the most natural-thanks to the modlisation cash.
Nylon 300 against multiac: violin making in the Multia frankly above, but are electro, it is more sensitive to the Larssen 300, and 300 is at the mmorisable SETTING THE are, what little saves me a lot of time to live.
What's more, I had no budget multiac, so here goes!


It is quite easy to adjust (or program) ;-)

I has 4 paramtres

body: one dose between two guitars, flamenco and classical
Verb: is the reverb (very convenient times to save time).
Comp: the compressor is a function that should be on all appliances,
mic: the position of the virtual microphone!. Tone is a good verse has an envelope.

sails, argler super simple, I like it.


An electro-acoustic, classical or folk, the sound is picked up by piezo.

(Commonly, it is polarizing crystals, which by the pressure and vibration of the strings, transmits an electrical signal which it converts into sound. It's ugly!)

The models evolve over (multiac) complete the sound with a microphone body. good is better, but sensitive to Larssen.

we move the sensor in an algorithm, which we modify in real time, to get the sounds (grain) will.

Well, has cost you, branches guitars, the Variax is the coolest.


Trs I am happy :-)