Seagull MJM6 CW GT Quantum II
Seagull MJM6 CW GT Quantum II

MJM6 CW GT Quantum II, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Seagull.

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Devotion 09/22/2005

Seagull MJM6 CW GT Quantum II : Devotion's user review


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. Canadian Manufacturing
. MODEL Mini Jumbo electro acoustic, pan coupbr />. Solid spruce top, Mahogany back and wicker covers laminbr />. Mahogany neck / rosewood fingerboard, 21 boxes
. Scale 24.84 "
. Prampli Quantum II
. Mcaniques oil bath ratio 15:1
. Chrome hardware
. Tusq nut in compensbr />. Color Natural Gloss (nitrocellulose lacquer)
. Book Fort tui


I first t surprised by the quality of manufacturing, sober, lgante with excellent finishes for this price range.

Guitar trslgre with Access in acute relatively easy (it's a sound not forget).

Mini jumbo shape for me IDAL for its comfort, Aesthetics and of course for its sound balance trs.

The electronics allows to mix two mics Different. I suggest you visit the Seagull for more details.


First agreement, the first pleasure.

The sound is gnial. Trs equilibrated lgres and deep bass, treble crystalline with a prdominance across mediums (sound favorites mahogany wood used and the shape of the guitar) .

For a mini jumbo sound is relatively large. Of course it does not have the volume and power of the Dreadnought.

In Electroacoustic, the sound is natural and provides a trs CONTRL effective feedback. In addition, the equalizer will help to highlight either the treble or bass to settle with the predominance medium.
Short in the end a pure joy.


I have tried many MODELS, often more expensive as TAKAMINE EF261SAN the MARTIN TAKAMINE EF508C or 00,018 (in 1900 euros!) .. Well for 799 euros (lead guitar) is the most M6MJ CW2 INTERESTED.

In terms of sound quality and it surpasses the Takamine this price range.

Compared to the Martin 00 018 (sober, trs good sound especially in the treble), three times more expensive, the price diffrence is unjustified. In dpart, I wanted to buy a Martin 00018 cancel the purchase but I have been able APRS Assayer the Seagull. At least put a bunch of money in a beautiful Martin trs, trs better take this beautiful Seagull, you will not deu.

I urge you.