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philippedeluxe 07/11/2005

Simon & Patrick CW6 : philippedeluxe's user review


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Guitar "factory hand in Canada" (that the writing of this Manir the bottom of the rosette
Handle saddle and rosewood fingerboard and assimilbr /> A micro piezo + LR BAGGS qualiseur bands
The table is solid cedar, satin-matt. The head is dull black and bears the logo "SIMON & PATRICK LUTHIER" of the era ... a little older and less beautiful than the design of today.


In beginners, the handle seemed big (I just electric). Today I got used to it and I feel comfortable trs compared to other acoustic guitars. No cutaway on this not really MODEL Access in acute, but this guitar is not made to have either.
Ergonomics: a course excs: it is not comfortable when forcment onn plays standing up (like most standard size dreadnought)
On his fate alone. In the beginners j'tais trssduit makes sound amplifier that seemed trs sound and not at all electric color. My opinion on this point has not changed except that I also love the sound of the scratching unplugged, due especially since I play with strong ties (I play on the acoustic 13 -55), this n'tait that not the case when I bought it.


I play everything on this guitar, but mostly pop, rock and blues (and even the bottle neck: it is not for cell rings but trs honorably. It sounds good in all circumstances.
Overall the sound is crystalline, full of harmonics Dfine but remains very dynamic. The projection is powerful unplugged.
I play live and the sound comes out perfect. Obviously I do not use effects.
She goes well on rhythmic particulirement consistent type beatles (genre pieces McCartney harmonies with rich and labores). Trs rich sound of this guitar gives ample support trs.


I bought new 10 years ago. I paid about 4,500 FF the era (ie 680 euros). In the era it seems relatively CHRE me (but the era-Electric n'taient not too modest prices today. I had the era t sduit the table in matt satin finish. This kind of finish the original silent era trs. trs Unfortunately it is also fragile, and now my guitar bears the trace of many shocks or scratches. It's a shame, but my eyes makes a captivating: it is a guitar that has a lot jou. She is in love juice and a. I bought it on a favorite for sound amplification. But I do not think I would take as much pleasure to play unplugged APRS 10 years. I would do much the same choice today sr. And since this ct on occasion it seems, even for 3 or 4 times the price the argus, I do not sell.