Takamine TSF40C
Takamine TSF40C

TSF40C, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Takamine in the Noveau & Santa Fe series.

Etienne G 03/01/2011

Takamine TSF40C : Etienne G's user review

«  A guitar once plugged honest »

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Value For Money : Excellent
The model I own is made in Japan. The most famous is the preamp "tube". I put it in quotes, because it's a warmer sound, but it does not "slap" in the lamp not, necessarily, it works with batteries ... Used batteries are a plus, it is the most common batteries in use at home (LR6) in the end, the production is correct (the patent was not "perfect" to purchase, at the juncture of neck / body the guitar) but it is not transcendent, it stands with the price, no "miracle" ;-)


The game is easy and comfortable for my taste, and is one of the highlights of this guitar, the easy access to acute, with a good cut, and the handle is not of type "logger" it's pretty fine and pleasant. the guitar is neither too heavy nor too bulky, excellent ergonomics. The different settings of the preamp are clear, and the small built-in tuner can be useful for who needs it, or when there is agreement in concert without hearing the sound of the guitar ... it is just a pity that no 'ale there is no possibility of "cut" the preamp, which is active as soon as you plug in the guitar, because the batteries are worn very quickly, especially because of the use of the lamp. On the other hand, even if it kept me going, the battery is a fragile element that eventually move with the times.


The sound of this guitar is good enough to sustain it enjoyable. The problem is that it is not very typical. Obviously, it can be a desired quality (if you play a variety of different music and it has a single instrument). The value for money is again good, nothing can be blamed on that level. Rather it is "sublimated" once connected. There, one can say that quite a good deal, but nothing that is decisive, since once associated with the right equipment (external preamp etc. ..) another guitar that would not have this famous preamp may well fact achieve the same result (or better ...)


I use it for 7 years and I have tried many other models, including the price of other esoteric. The feature I like most is its sound once connected, simply and without any other equipment that simple acoustic amp. value for money is good. After, we must know what you want, and we may prefer a more guitar "type", and / or more expensive and less sound "neutral". I can not say I "fell in love" with this guitar, unlike other models can be much more expensive elsewhere. It's more a choice of "reason". On the other hand, one can find pure sound better in my opinion for the same price.