Takamine TSF40C
Takamine TSF40C

TSF40C, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Takamine in the Noveau & Santa Fe series.

surfy 10/08/2004

Takamine TSF40C : surfy's user review


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CHARACTERISTICS for acoustic and ergonomic exactemet is the same as the ESF 40C are:
- Shape country jumbo pan coupbr /> - Table massive cedar
- Solid mahogany back, sides mahogany on the 40C
- Rosewood 21 boxes, 12 of Turquoise Inlay me box
- Rosette pattern "Eagle Santa Fe" on the 48C, 40C on the Turquoise Inlays
- Mcaniques dores oil bath, pearly buttons Ambr
- Chromatic tuner intgrbr /> - Double nut
- High-gloss finish, making Japan.
This is the pre-amp that changes with the new CTP-1 Prampli Cooltube lamp:
- Sounds more "hot". Rglage level possible, Cool Tube
- Requires 4 AA batteries 1.5 V
- Rglage the treble is semi-paramtrique
- It has always been the equalizer and the chromatic tuner Intgr (practice prcis, and do not ncessitant the guitar or branch.)

She is beautiful, practical ... But of course, also tried to get the big sister 48C (the same with rosewood instead of mahogany), I would not put 10.


- The handle is perfect
- Access in acute, no problem
- Ergonmique, noiveau to balance the weight, no problem Hanse, even with my small frame
- The sound is superb

Ct use, nothing wrong.


- The Country Jumbo shape gives a softer sound, ideal for arpges, but lends itself well any style.
- I tried it with any amp bte, sound amplifier with Cool Tube is extraordinary. As can rgler level Cool Tube, you really see the diffrence with the old pre-amps. The sound is crystalline, it's beautiful ...

In short:
- No branch it is very well, but less than the same price Martin
- Branch, she is fabulous, but especially not with the pre-amp Cool Tube, and is 10x times better than any guitar of the same price


- I just bought it, I rgale
- The Cool Tube gnial really gives a sound, even if I am afraid to eat batteries a vengeance. I have no perspective on the hard (wear, fragility ...)
- The pure sound is softer than the average. The wood is not the best, but if you can put 600 more for the 48C (Rosewood) ...
- The report qualitprix is ​​what is the best. The price is 1230 catalog, easily ngociable 1100

It is perfect:
- A budget of about 1000
- Someone who uses his guitar plutt than just acoustic branch (even if the acoustic is good trs)