Takamine TSF40C
Takamine TSF40C

TSF40C, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Takamine in the Noveau & Santa Fe series.

calokiri 08/27/2008

Takamine TSF40C : calokiri's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Very good finish of all the guitar, we are in the high-end ...
for the price (less than 1000 euros secondhand today) hard to beat!
system tube preamp is very effective, and you plug it takes a slap!

edict: 2.5 + years later I again! and I return to my opinion about the "little use" battery is normal and not a problem at all;)
except that they sometimes forget to set the preamp off after tuning in then like any acoustic guitar with preamp when you forget to set off the preamp bah all need to change the batteries after (lol)


The handle is quite comfortable and ergonomic design is well balanced, it is better for some Americans but the cost is at least 2 times!
Despite the high technology tube preamp, the weight of the guitar is correct.
to sound: acoustics, everything is more ordinary for a guitar in this range but the one not buy one to avoid the electrical plug and then plug in there and this is the slap assured!

edit: Always as good as the first day


My style is pop rock and French varieties, and this guitar suits me perfectly.

not need effects to embellish the sound of this guitar
a little reverb on the amp or the PA and this is beautiful ...

+ edit 2.5ans later it goes through a multi-purpose art is even better!


My purchase is fairly new and I also really enjoy the first day of my purchase I have played over four hours, that is to say ...
the strong point that is well on the technology of tube preamp with the built-in tuner
Overall finish is very successful and polish is neat.
the handle is comfortable and the bars are no longer a complicated chore ...
a very good value for money, little less: the battery is a little hard to open but the titillating from left to right we finally found the trick, unless of having two left hands or criticism easy .. ..
reassure you it is reliable and strong!
I play for 20 years the guitar and I have tried over 30 guitars before I decided for it in much more expensive and less expensive and again, for less than 1000 euros hard to beat!

edit: 2.5ans attention to you later once she easily brand it is a little less! but hey it's a scratch it's not staying locked in its case it will flourish ...
I do not regret my purchase and do it again do it again if it is really a top prize once again has its paltry compared qualitées!