Takamine TSF40C
Takamine TSF40C

TSF40C, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Takamine in the Noveau & Santa Fe series.

samyteam 08/31/2014

Takamine TSF40C : samyteam's user review

«  THE sound I like Takamine »

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This is a jumbo cutaway at the 20th box

Table Solid Cedar
Sides and solid Mahogany back
Mache mahogany
Ebony Button

21 frets, mechanical oil bath
Bone nut and bridge

Japanese manufacturing
Glossy finish
Insert Santa Fe blue pearl on the 12th fret
Rosette with a dash of blue pearl

Equipped preamp Takamine CTP-2 "also called Cool Tube"
Possibility of adding an additional mic connected to the auxiliary input of the preamp.

Delivered very well finished hard case.


Takamine handle very comfortable throughout the pitch.
Access to acute is easy.
Jumbo frets very snug and perfectly polished

The weight is slightly heavier than a Folk due to the presence of CTP-2 preamp

It sounds wonderful acoustics, but once connected you discover the magic of the preamp makes the success Takamine. The sound is very well balanced and playing with the settings of the equalizer and the control in the preamp tube, we find a more beautiful sound.

I plug whenever I can to enjoy the game amplified.

The only regret I have is that it has no pickguard (beware shots mediator, it does not forgive).


If only one likes the sound of Goldman on the last tour, we quickly understand what sound Takamine. That's what I wanted to find her. I'm not disappointed.
Magic arpeggio, it is also very well balanced struming.

Connected to monitors with a nice reverb and slight chorus. It sounds awfully good.


I use it for one month and I do not get tired. About 2 hours a day of fun.

After trying a Taylor 214ce and some Martins in the same price range, I came on this Takamine with certainty that it is the latter that I needed.

A violin quality and flawless finish. € 1,200 on list price, bought € 850 in new condition.
I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I do it again this choice with his eyes closed.

She joined my family of instruments where it has a special place.

Maybe one day I dare acquire its big sister the TSF48C with a slightly larger budget, but it must be worth its price also.