Takamine TSF40C
Takamine TSF40C

TSF40C, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Takamine in the Noveau & Santa Fe series.

maliou 07/05/2010

Takamine TSF40C : maliou's user review

«  Santa ... FEE! »

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- Inlays rosette Santa Fe, beautiful satin varnish
- Rosewood fingerboard, rosewood bridge, the CTP-1 preamp is a pure delight!
- Mechanical golden bath oil, pearl buttons amber
- Nut Width: 42.8 mm
- Overlay Santa Fe at the twelfth fret,
- Table massive cedar, massive mahogany back, mahogany sides
- Supplied in case.


The handle is big strong point of this guitar in my opinion. it is a comfort rarely equaled. For the body it is a jumbo rather small, with good grip and good access to treble.
Very nice guitar to pick up and play.


The overall sound is very crystalline, and may not be serious depending on what is desired. For the "big" sound more folk turn you into a EN20, but for a very specific guitar in treble, and with his rather neutral, it is the guitar for you. Furthermore it is possible to get a good seed through tube preamp that PTC-1 team.


I've had 5-6 years now I have made the stage and studio and is a really good guitar. The day I bought it, I tried a Martin, Taylor, a Seagull, and Normann. I really had the idea to buy a Martin or Taylor, then I re-tried this guitar I knew through a friend who had already lent me a recording, and I'm left with!
In this price range I think it's one of the very best guitars, only downside, as I said a little earlier, the smallness of his body limits its diffusion in the low frequencies.
If it all over again I would resume the same, plus EN20!