Takamine TSF40C
Takamine TSF40C

TSF40C, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Takamine in the Noveau & Santa Fe series.

PierreGP 05/23/2009

Takamine TSF40C : PierreGP's user review


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See "product Retailer"

Manufacturing is srieuse and exudes quality with the notable exception of the battery of prampli, which is really cheap plastoc. Handle with prcaution, he asks that break. After two years, I have concerns systmatiques false contacts (contact of batteries and contacts of the battery on the prampli). These contacts require the false manipulations and render its use on scne random image: remove the batteries, put them back, reinforced housing in the contact prampli.

Note that the prampli is fitted with a lamp that is powered by 4 AA LR6 rather than the traditional 9 V battery

It is also prvu to receive the signal from a micro magntique optional.

Intgr tuner with function "mute".

Edit APRS qq months: there would be more qu'apprci an on / off button on the prampli view the rapid wear of the batteries, you have to dplugger.

Note that the table is bread and trs sensitive to scratch, it will eventually even by digging under the rose window at home.

Book without tui.


The highlight of this guitar RSID in ergonomics:

The handle is comfortable enough, but there are better approximations to forgive the hoop and bar does not turn into power of torture.

However, those who do not spend their way the varnish, it is pais on the handle.

The cutaway allows for hooping the 18me box in good condition, which is not common on folk.

The form is trs country jumbo ergonomic while maintaining sufficient depth of body (11 cm against 11.5 for my dreadnought).

It is a Relva dsquilibre the guitar that tends ct dive head because of the heavy weight of the prampli.

The autonomy of prampli is small compared prampli a food by a 9V or ten hours or so.
Furthermore it is capricious when the batteries are sufficiently charges.


The acoustic sound is prcis, balanced and mat.

In return, the projection is mdiocre, the sound is "small", a bit sweet with some low trs over a dreadnought, although it seems more Dfine.
Dtachent the notes but the guitar has little momentum, the sound is compressed a lot when you attack a bit. You can feel the scratch flange. weird.
Branch, it sounds right now, we find the acoustic sound CHARACTERISTICS (compression, balance and sharpness), but lack of size and power rose acoustic disappears. This guitar really has a big sound and its output level is lev. For the game arpge, the sound seems to IDAL.

The full prampli CTP1 trs is fitted with a lamp, with a gain SETTING THE.
Nothing blatant filler through the tube, the sound seems more mellow and "liquid" with rglage noon, with a breath ngligeable.
The EQ is musical rglages; of the frquence mdium is controlled by a knob effective.

No feedback, even high volume.

The tuner Intgr is very practical, with a mute function. It rvle capricious sound when the batteries are not block charges.

Result: an acoustic sound and a trs mdiocre good electro sound that typ piezo remains, even with the additional microphone.


This guitar is beautiful, ergonomic, easy, good team and offers good sound amplifier.
By adding the additional micro TriAx, we gain a little depth and thickness.

This guitar is not trs attractive because it has big default: the acoustic sound means no incentive to play at home.

Its electronic age well. False contacts prampli make it moderately reliable source fcheux happening in concert. When we identified the source of the problem, we know that you have to play with new batteries and ensure that good contacts are ok, but it is not always possible just before playing.

The balance sheet, this is a good scratching Taka srieuse amplifier to play if need to buy this type of MODEL in his living room to play or record, a massive dreadnought Corenne three times less CHRE can sound better .