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wil4linux 06/03/2007

Tenson D-10 CE : wil4linux's user review


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First, there is very little information on this guitar. This is the kind of instrument that is found in small shops, which are sufficient to begin.
The exact model I: 324 D10CE F501.
- Asian manufacturing (not out)
- 20 frets
- Spruce top, Catalpa back and sides, Bindings cream on the table, back and down. Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, chrome mechanical.
- Preamp, 4-band EQ
- It is not too bad, there's worse ... lol
- Meca oil bath


It is a cutaway is Always easier access to acute than the standard model.
the handle is not obvious, but ultimately, better have a handle hard enough to play like that, when switching on an electric or other acoustic and well, it's like butter so that in to suffer ...
I would say it's a guitar horn .... lol
Let me explain, you have to press so hard on the rope to get out a sound, after playing it just to do without the pomade on the fingers.
For bars, it is total control, to make them better now ... worth having Schwarzenegger's fingers, if not, make pumps three fingers on each night.


- A low-end guitar, the sound is rather blah,
on the other hand is much better when the branch. Of course, it's not a fishman preamp,
but we will only settings with the amp and preamp.
the sounds n'esst not deep enough ...
It is rather the kind of model on which it focuses, the educational aspect that sound.
chui DSLE, me pr bcp of us who started the dryer all have the same sound ....
In this case I play on a fender ampl, so the sharp doing well, for against the bass, not c that.

I put string Elixir, just to resort look sharp metal ... lol


So I bought it in December 2003, I've Always.
I used it as the first skyscraper, she was very useful for my little horns dailleurs c pr ca I put 7.
I think with hindsight, I would have bought a small fender and (DG. ..).
It makes an attractive guitar with time, at least not the kind of c skyscraper that is under Security Lock for not breaking ...
It can lend a quiet kids (good atention to do even qd) or take it to play on the beach. Atention not to be confused with a paddle ...

Otherwise, it's still okay for those with small budgets, it is still nice, I have one in photo, red.
I think to leave a mark, much to the version électroaccoustique.