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faith 888 05/11/2007

Tenson D-10 CE : faith 888's user review


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Ca adj t résumé.
The finish leaves DSIR.


Entry of a trademark not forcment rpute for its instruments, it must be said, quite mdiocres.

It is a cutaway, so the highs are censs be accessible, but because of limited ergonomics and stiff, it was sometimes difficult to grasp.
As I said, ergonomics is not a nightmare but almost: Channel not enjoyable trs (thick and slipping badly), it is quite lgre however, probably because of questionable quality wood.
The frets are pretty damn bad, and this factor coupled to the handle and the original strings that the beginners force as a patient to ring an unhappy B major!

In the words of one of the comments before, is a guitar for beginners, which is attributed pdagogique longer a virtue.
So good inevitably, has little or no sound. The serious lack of precision, and I find the notes and Dfine gnral little cold enough without personality (that is not what is asked). I changed the strings dgueulasses to put an original game and that's Martin dj warmer and less mtallique. But hey, remains a transcendent.


I play a little bit of everything, mainly rock, country and pop, she agreed in the sense that I use to make my first chords.
Amplified, it is more convincing dj, but it's still a.
Its sound can be INTERESTED pan, who knows.


I have used for 1 year, then I put the electrical. I can tell you that ct razors inpinables of this skyscraper, the strings of my old Jagmaster seemed to me cold spaghetti ...

It can be identified as a, for prter, or if there's nothing else on hand or possibly for beginners.
Xperience with, I think my choice would turn to one of Martin occas', rigor or an Ibanez Seagull can be found in these cases much better prices.

His greatest MRIT, probably to form the fingers of guitarists beginners who would not abandon any guitar of the plant.