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Sanka76 12/07/2005

Tenson D-10 CE : Sanka76's user review


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Yes, well then all dj t was said about so I had nothing to add on this point ... I think it is a trs good quality for its price. We can note that for the same segment, if not the best, it is not far! At least this one, even though it sounds empty strings and a box of rsonnance true!


I personally find that the handle is made enjoyable and g strings Tenson above gives a good ... It's been a year since I itches the handle, and it is not Premire lctroaccoustique, but I was tried many and I think it is as cool as scratching of the highest prices ! The p is heavy, large enough but nice! When you play assi, ds we position can get out saw how large it is but ...


I find the sound of good quality on it, I made a rglge head on my amp (I also played on the Fender (F100 H)) and I do not need to change these r glges scratches when I change the pramp the Tenson is cool! I tried the distortion for a laugh ... Well it works, we laugh with a! I had a well with a scraper folk rock in the hands ... DIFFERENCE!!
But when I play the simple clear sound, I find the sound great with the bases rglges pramp: bass and treble to 0 and slightly below mid.


I got it today but I gotta say that since I j'm'amuse like crazy on it (I have a little abandandonn my Lag ... sniff). I love his face, I saw in black and I love black guitars ... It is not a phisical facil sr but it does well! And then we had ds in may, we are no forcment other guitars to compare ct then it was still better now: p
Report qualitprix terrible I think! Well only my opinion but a small budget, trs good sound ... J'acquiesse me!