Godin Multiac Nylon Duet
Godin Multiac Nylon Duet

Multiac Nylon Duet, Acoustic-electric nylon string guitar from Godin in the Multiac Nylon series.

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snoopy2312 05/11/2004

Godin Multiac Nylon Duet : snoopy2312's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Multiac The series is well known from the ACS, the body possde an acoustic chamber, which provides a sound (the volume low enough) without plugging and offers more possibilities one Once amplified. MODEL The "duet" possde both an internal microphone and sensors easel, with a SETTING THE balance between the two for the determination between a sound that "slap" sound and trs Round (style classic condenser microphone). The handle (screwed is mahogany, rosewood fingerboard. The body is mahogany, the table pica massif. Two outputs: XLR jack or 6.35 (with power supply. Fantme). Other r tings: low, mid, treble and volume. The red button "phase" is a sound filter. Overall, it's sturdy, well made with quality of matrial and that even quite heavy. this level can not be dplorer the lack of choice in finishing: you have to find a version AIM "black" as the ACS, "cognacburst" as the A6 or "sunburst" for example ...


The neck is a joy: but not too late, Access in particular acute no problem thanks the absence of heel, a touch trs enjoyable, comfort is royal! The body is thin enough to play sitting or standing without problem ... Overall, a turn is taken as a stratum plutt than a classical guitar! As for his ... It plugs and rings IMMEDIATE, the fawn rglages only allow a more personal based on what we played, but the ds dpart with any "flat" DJ is perfect. Directory for my jazz / bossa is unquestionably the top.


EAR plugs into an amp, is royal! In my case, a tiny Alpha 40W finds opportunity dj spit it right, especially as the Duet can be taken directly from the sound system in all other cases. A bit of reverb and nothing else. The balance between internal microphone and sensors easel, the filter can effectively trs alone to a fawn his "house", which is natural trs in most cases (except extreme rglages ). She always finds its place in a mix regardless of the circumstances.


I have this guitar for over a year and it is always a pleasure to play it, I've always found no default, but may be its weight (it does me parat no heavier than an ACS, but from Yamaha AEX 500 N such as the diffrence is quite obvious). Compare any electro-acoustic nylon strings, it wins hands down (especially when Whereas the weight / size of a small AER). I had purchased to dvelopper my game with the fingers of the right hand is a Russianness! The ergonomics are perfect for guitarists "electric", with its natural and trs trs prcis. The nylon strings do not limit a directory too typical (or claves game arpges bossa), we can also play the blues with no problem with mdiator. It allowed me to explore new horizons and to revisit some classics ... Ms. price lev parat justified on gard the quality of manufacture. In short, is that of happiness :-)