B-band A1N-1470
B-band A1N-1470

A1N-1470, Acoustic guitar pickup from B-band.

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tjyderrien 07/27/2005

B-band A1N-1470 : tjyderrien's user review


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I brought up the microphone on a rather low-end guitar because I needed to do concerts, but it did not matter too much since the microphone can change the guitar at home.
I installed in November 2004. I did some concerts, but the wood has moved ... (Jim Harley power!). I go up on my next acoustic guitar, that I will take good quality!

Otherwise, the microphone is nickel. Of course, attention can make the clear sound of feedback, with the sound box, once we played a bit much.

What I like about this microphone is that it has a good output level and low blows. The sound is very precise, but return he really the sound of the guitar? It gives a color a little heavy for my taste for records, but it's great for concerts.

For cons, I do not know if it's the fault of my guitar, but I noticed a deficiency in the bass, you can catch up by mixing the sound from a microphone (SM57 for my part) added in rosette. For cons, I did not put panel preamp because it had to do an awful lot more hole in the guitar ...

This deficiency was found with the Korg PXR4.

I paid the pose, microphone, and a strap all for 190 euros. That's a lot a lot, I enjoyed myself, so I have no hesitation about the price. Besides, I should have done it myself, in the end.
Otherwise, if I had asked myself by taking it from Thomann, I would say value for money was very good.

I have no experience in electro-acoustic guitars. I know something bad to wood, not great in microphones.
I've played on Ovation, but I have not had much time to appreciate the quality of microphones and guitars.

In any case, this microphone seems to me much better than my electric guitar! So I find it very good. A fault: it is that the attachment strap will crack one of these days :-(

For the record, there is the perennial problem of breath. This microphone is not blowing much, it is mainly the PXR4 preamps, I think.