chakhal 05/02/2011

Yamaha b1 : chakhal's user review

«  Very happy with my silent B1 »

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I studied for 15 years on a Yamaha U3. After some time with a very nice Samick (in the style of B1), then another low-end piano whose name I forget, I took a clavinova to play at any time until no longer support its touch. That's when I took the B1 to enjoy both the feel and sound to the headphones.

I tried all the pianos available Store silent and by far the only system that is seriously Yamaha. I speak of the relationship between the action buttons and strength of the sound heard is excellent, as only Yamaha know how to do (I also think their stage pianos).
I also tried the Yamaha Silent range U, I know the touch. The feel of the U is better in the sense that it makes the game easier but equally after train on a piano so good to feel at ease when playing in public on a better piano. The sound was the same in both ranges at the time (now I do not know). U are more expensive and less like their look.

I like the compact style, modern and free up my B1. The silent system is extraordinary: it is really that of a large (in size) concert grand piano with very clear treble, powerful bass and even a bit too, mediums measured.
I do not like the acoustic sound: even given it sounds like a pot and there are too many mediums. I regret the total lack of connectivity for MIDI and I was willing to pay for this option.

I do not agree with someone who told me that the hammers that moved in a vacuum (without typing the string) does not simulate a game. For me it is obvious that when the hammer is running everything is played, and that touch is the same and very good - much as that of B1 can be - as in silent acoustics.

Yamaha pianos are expensive but I see no serious alternative to their system silent. I would do this choice.