Seb-s 12/05/2010

Yamaha b1 : Seb-s's user review

«  Excellent value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I bought this piano there is a little over a year to get back to serious (I took lessons as a teenager and then I turned to the only synths). Among the few models I tested around this budget (2800 € nine) was really the best. I still can not believe that this is the first model in Yamaha's range.

Properly installed (room acoustics) and well-tuned (very important), it sounds really clear and sweet, with a resonance necessarily limited by its size but still quite flattering, in my ear. The severe lack a bit of safe and heat compared to a B3 for example (in the same range but with more generous dimensions). They, however, a certain roundness quite nice, especially for a piano so modest. The highs are very clear, probably too much on the last octave where they lack consistency. The mids are very nice. Overall, when the piano is properly tuned I find it very pleasing to the ear, a great clarity, not aggressive and with a little resonance very flattering. But when he begins to tune it is not at all the same and quickly becomes tiresome. That is my only reservation: for now it does not agree very long, but the technician told me it was normal for a new piano and it would stabilize over time. I hope he's right.

Finally, I find the feel very comfortable and sufficiently nuanced (I have an intermediate level). Again, it can be modified significantly by a proper setting.