A3X, Active Monitor from ADAM in the AX series.

madnazgul 05/19/2011

ADAM A3X : madnazgul's user review

«  A good pair ... »

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They are active monitor speakers 2 bands with ribbon tweeters.
I use it in a home studio nearfield.
I use the output of a Fast Track Ultra.


These speakers sound great, are fairly low étonemment present for the size of HP. Highs are different bcp monitor this range because of a ribbon tweeter, tweeters provides comfort really valuable for long plays.

The stereo is very good even though it should place the speakers.

the sound is clear and precise even at low volumes this AUI is perfect for studio monitors.


I use them for 1 ½ months, I listened to them in the store I could compare the speakers of the same price range of ac KRK, Genelec, Yamaha HS80, the Adam A5X.

The KRK was not too bad but the tweeter adam is more enjoyable for me, the HS80 are really good, but I do not have room and are too powerful for my home studio. Genelec does not convince me at all I found them weak and rough ... I have not found an obvious difference between A5X A3X and that justify the price difference.

I remake that choice without hesitation.