A8X, Active Monitor from ADAM in the AX series.

sw80 03/03/2013

ADAM A8X : sw80's user review

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The ADAM A8X has the power and quality of sound that any engineer could ever want to work with. I have used these about 10 or so times so far and each time I use them I get a great mix and a master. The highs are very clean and crisp; the lows are amazingly clean and crisp no matter the volume or acoustic setting. The bass is very deep and tight, I am able to hear that very low frequency bass that I like to use just to add some thickness to the mix. In most monitors I cannot even hear the bass that is that low because the frequency range cannot handle it but that is not a problem with the A8X.


The A8X are more expensive than what I thought they were going to be, after seeing the price of them I don’t think I would ever purchase them for my home studio or set up. I am actually looking for a pair of used ones in good condition.


These monitors have large bass reflex tubes and XLR/RCA connectors. The tweeter is 4 inches and has a velocity ratio of 4:1. There is a control panel with high shelve, low shelve, and tweeter gain. The A8X has a crossover frequency at 2300 Hz and an input impedance of 30 Kohm.
The precision and quality of these speakers in build and in sound is amazing and it is not hard to tell why they have been best selling monitors all over the world. If I had the money I would purchase these right now, but I am looking to get a used pair very soon. I have used other products from ADAM and they always have great quality products and customer support. Though the price is high, after using them many times I think it is ok to charge that much for them because they could be the last pair of monitors anyone would ever need.