Behringer MS40
Behringer MS40

MS40, Active Monitor from Behringer.

J'Electro 07/09/2006

Behringer MS40 : J'Electro's user review


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24-bit 192 kHz. Multiplicity of inputs (RCA, SPDIF numrique, minijack). Winds faade (ease of disposal).
Small cost of troubleshooting (trip) to avoid the only work with headphones. Small cost of complment ... and base of a small Systm 5.1.
I use the output of a PowerBook (through headphones or sometimes with a map Motu Ultralite), multitrack mixer with Digital Performer 4.6 (out of studio) and to control decision-collection's outdoor sound.


Curve relatively straight, except at the bottom mdium (a little fuzzy and bushy) and severe (videmment. ..) compared to the monitors and the price range suprieure at least triple.
Stereo Image cohrente.
Prcis quite clear, (without the arati, the depth and the sharpness of a system that professional-quality ...).
Surprising dynamic range for this hardware, but use as a cost of proximity (volume without excs) ... In this case, no breath, no saturation.
You can work with these mixing Behringer MS40 (dpannage. ..) but with a Checker ultrieure, on a real Systm monitors.


I've had a few days.
J'apprcie its price, its connectivity, dynamics ... rendered as small enough to complment MUCH ...
I usually work on large Systmes monitors (Genelec 1032A and 1038A to, JBL and Klipsch Systm efficient RF7 ...).
The Behringer MS40 is well above the cost of small Systmes of computer ...
Qualitprix Report: Outstanding! Like many hardware Behringer ...
I do it again this election, if the reliability is confirmed.