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buzzzzz 10/07/2013

Equator Audio Research D8 : buzzzzz's user review

«  Pregnant precision »

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What characteristics have motivated your choice?

Many details, so a pregnant fast says. 8 inches for the chest width.

For what purpose?
What configuration? ...

The home studio, rm ucx, spl2control, 2 slices Studer rack short, I tried to keep a consistent chain not taking pregnant € 2,000 which would have nothing to do with the rest ...


The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral?

That's a good question ... How do I know? What is a neutral forum? What I can say is that I do not feel that pregnant influences my choice, it seems to present things objectively ...

The stereo image is good?
The sound is clear and precise on the spectrum?
The dynamics are respected? ...

It is his strong point. The stereo image is such that I never need to check the headphones, I hear everything, height, depth. The sound is clear, crisp and "alive". The dynamics are quite good, soft sounds are clearly audible in loud sounds.
This speaker is perfect in the midrange and treble, not tiring. on the other hand, if you want big low mids, that's not it, I added personal 2db in 90Hz output to offset the shortfall.


Have you tried many other models before buying it?

I have not compared directly and I know that auditory memory is very short, so take this with hindsight, but the most oncoming pregnant in my opinion are the Focal Solo 6. Precise and lacking in bass. Obviously this is not the same price ...
on the other hand I have long compared with the Yamaha HS8, and there is obvious: the yam are much more serious and low mids, on the other hand they are very messy in comparison, there is a lack of details, lots of things escape us.
I know the yam MSP5 studio, it's hard to compare ... Maybe in the treble, but the stereo image is non-existent in comparison ...

How long have you use it?

For a month, I know it's short, but I kiffe.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

Plus: Accuracy, stereo
The least: lack of serious but I realize though that my mixes go perfectly on other systems, including the bass. It took me a year to get there with the MSP5, then in a week it was good.
I originally wanted the 8 inch bass and I tried all pregnant for 8 months, all rates. I quickly realized that it would be inconsistent to take the rock opal or 2500 € with my rm UCX ... So under the 1000 € I raked off, and finally, after a week of adaptation, the relative lack of bass does not bother me at all, because it is still present, just less present ...

How would you rate the quality / price?
With experience, you do again this choice? ...

The report is amazing, of course, how much it cost the precision normally € 1500, € 2000?
I remember they cost a € 777 a pair.
One month experience is too short to answer the last question, I will make an edict in one year. But as there is no mention of this chamber in AF, I wanted to talk about.

In fact, I make pop and electro.